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Meet Our Team

Tony Truitt (middle) and his agents look high and low to find WDJC listeners the best price and protection for home, auto, and life. Our team of experts are ready to work with you!

For over 30 years, Truitt Insurance has been a local independent agency, bundling and saving thousands every day for the Magic City. Truitt Insurance experts work and live in Birmingham. It’s time to get an unbiased coverage assembled by real people in your city.

"As Russell and Jessica take a closer look at life and faith, Truitt Insurance is on WDJC to take a closer look at your insurance policy."

Truitt knows the importance of good insurance, because they know the value of keeping your loved ones safe.

“Our company founder, John Truitt (going strong at 81), has long been a member of Gideon’s. Here he is with the local group’s bible-stash in our office’s storage room. They take these bibles and hand out to folks in area jails who may need some answers. We are proud of his involvement and the work the local Gideon’s group is doing.”

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