Brother John

Timeless Tunes with Brother John, nightly from 7pm to midnight. John goes on a musical treasure hunt, playing the songs from the early days of the Jesus Revolution in the 70s all the way to today. He also has snippets of Timeless Truths from beloved pastors and speakers plus nuggets of Truth from God’s Word, and more. Playing the songs that once graced the WDJC airwaves when they were new. Come take the vintage journey, nightly from 7pm to midnight, with Timeless Tunes on 93.7 WDJC!

Timeless Tunes, evenings with Brother John, on 93.7FM-WDJC, Monday – Sunday, 7:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Request a Timeless Tune

Let Brother John know what song you’d like to hear, what time in your life it reminds you of, or why it’s a Timeless Tune to you.