The Garage

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We started with the very basic principle that we wanted to offer the “dealership experience”….. without the “dealership experience” so to speak. We strive to offer expertise and excellence, while still maintaining that old fashioned garage customer service.


Our 30/30 Warranty allows The Garage to offer a true nationwide warranty. Most repairs we do that are more than $25 are automatically enrolled. So, if you ever had a problem anywhere in the country, you can be linked up with one of over 10,000 repair shops around the nation. The repair would be covered 100% by the warranty company up to the amount of our original repair invoice. Secondly, all customers now have roadside assistance 24/7 through this program. It does NOT have to be related to a repair that we performed. This includes, flat tires, towing, gas, water, jump start, lock out service, etc. This service is based on reimbursement up to $75.