Help us empower women in Alabama to choose life.

“Helping men and women embrace the Truth of God’s Word as they make life-affirming decisions about their unborn child.”

Become a WDJC life saver today through Save-a-life. For just $34 a month you can save the life of an unborn baby in Alabama. Your $34 will cover every medical bill from the first ultrasound to the first breath of life. Along with parenting classes, counseling support, diapers, strollers, cribs… the items a mom needs to comfort, shelter and love her baby. Save the life of an unborn baby today!

Each year, 9000 women in Alabama believe that abortion is the only solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Sav-A-Life, Inc is the oldest and largest pregnancy care ministry in the state. We are dedicated to putting an end to abortion by supporting one woman at a time, to spare her and her child from abortion.


In 2019, SAL-Vestavia merged with the NJWC to form Sav-a-Life, Inc, so that together we can better serve the Birmingham metro area. Learn why we are “Better Together”.


With two sites strategically located on the north and south sides of the metro area, we offer our clients both crisis care and long-term mentoring to support their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Our programs present clients with the good news of God’s love and equip them to succeed as individuals, spouses, and parents.

Become a WDJC Life Saver by making a monthly gift of just $34.