Roxanne & Ace

Bold & Unashamed

What will this combo bring to the airwaves? Some intense conversations about how their faith has saved them, changed them, redeemed them…surprised them. They’ll welcome testimonies of equally changed lives from listeners. They’ll share their passion for books with new Christian author interviews, air in-depth profiles of the best in Christian music, and laugh a lot. They’ve got six kids to talk about, Roxanne with a school principal husband and Ace the single father of teenage girls. Ace is an author, musician and songwriter. Roxanne leads a ministry to minister to lost souls in the streets, when she’s not exploring museums or feeding her obsession with pandas. Roxanne is looking forward to Ace showing her how to Swing dance (his specialty) and Ace has always wanted a “big sister.” Both are thankful to the Lord for placing each other at the West Alabama prayer breakfast, where they bonded over eggs and decided they had a genuine chemistry that might be of good use. They have many years of experience in radio across the country, but Birmingham is home.

Encouragement in your walk with the Lord. Helping each other fulfill their purpose in Christ Jesus.



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