Thank you to all first responders for your sacrifice!

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First Responders Prize Pack

One winner from each department will receive this prize pack from our partners! 

Shane Jordan, owner of Jordan Services, with Jessica and Russell P, hosts of Joyful Noise on WDJC

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Jordan Services

Each winner will receive a 28 point Total HVAC System Tune-up including:


• Replacing air filter
• Inspecting thermostat
• Inspecting blower assembly
• Testing blower motor performance
• Inspecting indoor coil
• Inspecting/clearing drain
• Checking temperature drop
• Inspecting ductwork
• Tightening electrical connections
• Inspecting electrical wiring
• Inspecting Unit Disconnect(s)
• Cleaning outdoor coil
• Checking safeties/limits
• Testing starting components
• Testing compressor performance
• Testing fan motor performance
• Checking metering device operation
• Checking refrigerant pressures
• Checking ignition components
• Checking safeties/limits
• Checking heat rise
• Inspecting gas piping
• Inspecting venting system
• Cleaning burners
• Camera inspection of heat exchanger
• Identifying system switch and/or breaker
• Test auxiliary/emergency heat strips
• Test defrost operation

Skinology Esthetics

Halotherapy salt room treatment with restoring infrared blanket, and a full haircut for each winner. Salt room treatments have proven benefits for breathing and lung issues, as well as for the immune, nerve, and lymphatic systems. Salt room treatments can reduce stress and headaches, while increasing energy and improving sleep.

Carla Heron, owner of Skinology, with the Skinology esthetician team
Jay and Carla Heron at Skinology Esthetics

2021 FIre FIghter Winner Jay Heron

Jay was our first ever First Responders Tribute Fire Winner! That’s when WDJC had the pleasure of meeting he and his wife, Carla, on-air. Jay and Carla felt so blessed by the overwhelming number of tributes that were submitted for him, so they want to share that blessing with more WDJC listeners. 


Since winning last year, Jay and Carla have become partners of WDJC as owners of Skinology Esthetics. They can’t wait to help first responders get the much needed relaxation and rejuvenation they deserve!

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Some of Last year's Submissions for 2021 FIre FIghter Winner Jay Heron

It is fitting that Jay’s last name has the word ‘Hero’ in it. He truly is a humble and selfless man of God. Compassionate, giving, helpful, and SO MUCH FUN, are all ways I would describe this person that I’ve now known for years. I pray every blessing upon him and his loved ones. 🙏🏽

Every year he climbs the amount of stories of 911 twin tower for usually one particular fire fighter that is pinned onto his fire suit and he wears complete suit and air pack and climbs that many stare levels in memory of that fireman. He is a really good fireman he has the heart of a servant~ Jay Heron is amazing.

Jay and his wife Carla are kind hearted Servants of Christ and are very active in their church and community. Jay works so hard both on and off the force and deserves recognition.