MCN Therapy Specialists

Restoring balance for WDJC listeners.

For veterans and first responders, Sojourn Counseling will offer 50% off every MCN session, for as many sessions as needed, from now on to thank you for your service.

If you are living with anxiety, post traumatic stress, or depression, you may be suffering from abnormal brain wave activity. It doesn’t have to mean you’re sick, just out of balance. Sojourn Counseling are experts at restoring that balance. They know that your mental health starts with the brain. Sojourn Counseling was the first in Birmingham to provide and master the art of MCN Therapy.


Sojourn Counseling is expanding to serve even more WDJC listeners! Be on the lookout for exciting updates about their new, second location!

   Beau, Founder and Executive Director of Sojourn Counseling, and Landon, MCN technician, are here to help you. Mental and emotional health is typically treated as a chemical issue when often times, it’s an electrical issue. Sojourn Counseling knows that your mental health starts with the brain. They are WDJC’s resident MCN Therapy Specialists. MCN – Micro-Current Nuerofeedback therapy is a reboot of the brain, pressing play, settling the waves. And don’t worry, the micro currents of electricity produced by MCN is actually less than what’s produced by our cell phones. Individuals living with anxiety, post-traumatic stress, depression, and other conditions have shown abnormal brain wave activity. MCN Therapy brings your brain waves back to optimal levels, back into balance.

   Sojourn Counseling is offering an exclusive WDJC package of 10 MCN sessions. Landon Jones is Sojourn’s certified MCN technician. She has seen her clients find relief from depression, anger, anxiety, migraines, and Insomnia. Patients have seen results in as little as one to three sessions. Set up your first session and get back to balance with Sojourn Counseling, MCN Therapy Specialists.