Justin Brown

I started in college radio in 1990 in Jacksonville, AL. After a year, I received a job offer at a local station doing weekends and being the color guy for Friday night football. After a year, I got the call to full-time doing Afternoon Drive. I had to get permission from the professors to leave class early to be on the air. They thought that was pretty cool. From there, I worked in Gadsden, AL for a CHR; Birmingham, AL for an AC; Amarillo, TX for a CHR; Rome, GA for a Country; back to Birmingham for Classic Rock, and finally landed the job at WDJC seventeen years ago this July. I have had several career highlights over the last 30 years. Being on the air during the “Blizzard of 1993”. Even getting to work was harder than being on the air for 11 straight hours. I was picked up by a military Humvee troop carrier and we bounced around in 6-foot snow drifts for an hour to the station. I was also on the air during the April 27th tornado outbreak in 2011. I was looking at the news and they said it would hit our area at 6:06 pm. Me and two other guys in the building (Steve West and the late Wayne Wallace) all hit our top-of-the-hour Legal I.D.’s and ran to the bottom of the stairwell and waited in eerie silence for 10 minutes. I went out in the parking lot and looked toward downtown and saw the back of a mile and a half wide black tornado going north of the city. The real highlights come when people tell me what I do and say on the air helps them through some of the toughest times of their lives. I also love telling people to go to events where the Gospel is shared and souls are saved.

Justin and his wife Sherri live in Birmingham and have one daughter, Abigail. You can hear Justin weekdays from 10am-2pm.


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