Jill Friday

Jill Friday

Saturdays | 4:00PM-7:00PM

Jill Friday is a radio and voiceover professional who spent most of the 1990s on the air in Birmingham, Ala., at local station Magic 96.5. After leaving radio to focus on her family and voiceover work, Jill worked with national radio imaging and commercials. For the past five years, she has done the imaging work for WDJC and is excited to return to the airwaves as a part-time host. “Being back on the air as a host is like returning to see an old friend,” Jill explains. “I love having the ability to share my faith journey with my listeners.”

Jill has been a member of Briarwood Presbyterian Church for almost 20 years. She and her husband of 22 years have been blessed with four children.


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