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40% off for WDJC listeners

The FOP Range is a place for WDJC listeners to enjoy your firearms with family and friends! The FOP Range is safe. Every member completes a range safety orientation before getting access to the ranges. The FOP Shooting Range is supervised. The staff is knowledgeable about all things firearms and ready to assist you and enforce gun safety.

The FOP Range is the coolest family-oriented shooting range around.  The FOP Range is located just outside Birmingham, Alabama, in Pleasant Grove.  The Range facility has seven outdoor ranges, each with a covered shooter’s area up-range to permit year-round, all-weather use.  It is located about 15 minutes from the I-59/65 interchange, making it a short drive from anywhere in the Birmingham area. 


We have over 400 steel plates ready to “ding” on. Our Centerfire Steel Plate Range is huge, with twenty 7.5-foot wide shooting stations, and 162 targets at 10 to 25 yards. Our Rimfire Steel Plate Range has 243 steel plates designed for use with 22LR ammo. These FOP Range member exclusives are being offered to WDJC listeners at 40% off!


The range is accepting new WDJC members now.  It is absolutely the best deal going on having a great place to enjoy your firearms with friends and family.

Hear the difference in our Steel Range

 Our Steel Range is the best place to enjoy your handguns in the world.  Steel targets are reactive.  They fall or ring loudly and swing when you hit one.  Steel is safe to shoot when set up correctly and at a safe distance.  All our steel is made from a very hard AR500 steel.  It is abrasion-resistant and can’t be hurt with standard handgun ammo.  Each shooting bay is nearly 8 feet wide, giving you and your group plenty of room to shoot, reload, and safely enjoy together.  There are 20 bays and 162 plates on this range that need shooting.

More on the Range

Ammo Sales

We have plenty of ammo on hand with no limits on the quantity you can buy.  Ammo prices are coming down and availability is going up.  Things are turning the corner for the shooting sports and getting better every week. Our wholesale ammo prices are hard to beat. 9mm is currently $12.50 a box.

Church Security Team Training

Our training range is available for use by Church Security Teams needing a place to train.  Corporate Membership Deals are available to make using the facility and providing your team members with a place to practice or bring their family and friends out for a day of shooting very cost effective.  

Federal Firearm License & Consignment

Buy and sell with FOP Range! The range has an FFL and can help you with any online gun purchase or shipping and receiving of a firearm.  Our FFL service fee is only $20 each.  We can also help you sell your guns with our consignment gun sales program.  No meeting anyone in a parking lot or inviting someone to your home to sell your gun.  All gun sales have the background check done on the buyer.