Chris Mileski

Chris Mileski is the first to admit that he never dreamed of being a radio host. “I have often said it took me until I was 40 to figure out what I wanted to do,” he says. While working for a media company, Chris spent time learning the business from every angle, from production to sales to engineering. “I spent a year learning everything I could, from sound to production to camera work,” he says. “When the Rick and Bubba Show on radio got a contract with Turner Broadcasting for a television program, I had all the qualities they needed for a producer and a director for the show.”

For the next seven years, Chris produced the Rick and Bubba Show for television, taking it to number one and sparking a passion in Chris for production. While working there, Chris sat facing Rick, cueing him for breaks and watching him produce the show. “I watched and learned, almost by osmosis,” he says.

Chris takes his Saturday program very seriously, not only for his listeners, but also for their clients who drive the content of their program. “For years I felt like God was leading me to something to have a bigger impact and now I have that larger audience at WDJC,” Chris says. “I get to share my faith with thousands of listeners and I never take for granted that we can impact other lives.”

Chris enjoys spending time with his wife of 16 years, Megan, and their three children: Reeves, 14, Lucy, 12 and Greer, 8. Megan and Chris met while directing junior high camps at Camp Sumatanga and share a love for ministry together.


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