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Everything but the cake!

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Everything but the cake!

A Birthday Place is a family and woman-owned and operated business—individuals with a passion for creativity. They truly believe in the power of celebrations and their ability to put a smile on that special someone’s face, whether it’s a partner, child, coworker, or teammate!

They have many types of customers, from the home baker to the professional bakery. A Birthday Place offers cake toppers, cake decorations, and supplies for all types of celebrations including birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, and more!

At A Birthday Place, quality design and great relationships come from collaboration. They’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about your needs, and make something special together. Contact them today with your vision for your celebration by using the form on this page, or call 205-637-0010!

A Birthday Place boasts a huge selection of mylar and latex balloons
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The Showroom
Come in and let A Birthday Place help you plan your next party, event, or gathering
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Edible Decorations
Who says decorations are only for looking at?
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A Birthday Place has candles for any occasion — not just birthdays (although birthdays are our favorite!)
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Cake Toppers
Imagine the oohs and aahs your cake will get with one of hundreds of different available cake toppers. Yum!
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