UPDATE: You’ve been listening for the Bible Bowl questions throughout the day on WDJC! So don’t miss the Bible Bowl Finale, where our 20 Bible Bowl finalists will compete head-to-head answering bible trivia questions for a chance to win $100,000! Chris Goins with a2 church will be our MC for the day and we’ll have special music from Danny Gokey LIVE! Come join us for the fun at Brookwood Mall October 28 at 1PM! 


The Bible Bowl is back!  Over the course of 4 weeks, WDJC will be conducting this trivia challenge and you are invited to play along!

Listeners will periodically hear Bible trivia questions AND answers throughout the week.  They are challenged to retain knowledge of those Q & A in the hopes that they will subsequently be able to be a lucky caller and be asked the same question(s).  Sample Q & A will air 24/7.

Four times per weekday the selected caller will have the chance to answer a trivia question.  Correctly answering contestants will then be eligible for a qualifying round against the others from the same day on the following day at 7:20a

Qualifying Round winners will earn a spot in the Grand Finale which will be held as a live event at a remote location.

At the final round event there will be approximately 20 finalists.  They will answer a series of Bible trivia questions as multiple choice to narrow the field to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.

The 1st place winner will be able to choose two envelopes from 30 possible.  Both envelopes with “Grand Prize” written inside will have to be chosen from the 30 in order to win the $100,000 prize.  If BOTH are NOT selected, a smaller yet significant cash prize will be awarded.

2nd and 3rd place winners will also receive a smaller yet significant cash prize.  Amount will be based on the amount of total prize money collected from sponsors.

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With additional sponsorship by:  Jimmie Hale Mission, Deeper Life Daycare Academy, Dad’s Carpet Cleaning, and McCurry Fine Furniture


WDJC – FM & BROOKWOOD VILLAGE                                                                                                         LUCKY ENVELOPE PICK
Conditional Prize Contest
1. WDJC-FM & Brookwood Village will conduct the contest on the above listed date(s) for a chance to win the following grand prize:
a. $100,000 (selecting 2 of the 2 winning sealed prize envelopes)
2. Contest can be entered on-air on WDJC-FM starting 9/25/2017. No purchase necessary.
3. Contestants may enter a maximum of one time. (1) finalist(s) will be selected for the chance to win the grand prize.
The selected finalist(s) must be present at the date and time specified by the contest sponsors to be eligible to win. If any
selected finalist is not present at the time of the contest, that finalist will be eliminated from the contest, and will
not be eligible to participate for the chance to win the grand prize. An alternate finalist will then be selected.
4. An eligible contestant will have the chance to win the grand prize by selecting the (2) predetermined winning sealed prize
envelopes from a total of (30) available sealed prize envelopes. Each sealed prize envelope will contain a prize
certificate. A maximum of 2 of the sealed envelopes will contain “Grand Prize” certificates. If there are more than 2 sealed
envelopes that contain “Grand Prize” certificates, this contest is void nd no prize will be awarded. The contestant may
select and open a maximum of (2) sealed prize envelopes. Opening more than (2) sealed prize envelopes for any reason
will disqualify the contestant, and no grand prize will be awarded.
a. In order for the grand prize to be awarded, an eligible contestant must select the (2) predetermined sealed
prize envelopes prepared by Farmers Insurance – Clint Neville Agency that contain the grand prize winning certificates.
5. If the eligible finalist does not successfully select the 2 winning sealed prize envelopes, no grand prize will be awarded.
6. If there is a grand prize winner, the winner must come to WDJC-FM at a mutually agreed date and time at least 2 weeks prior
to delivery of the grand prize.
7. Any contestant who has won a first or second prize is not eligible to participate in the contest for two years following
the year of their winnings.
8. The contest is open to persons of all ages. Employees of WDJC-FM, Brookwood Village, other related sponsors, and their
immediate families may not participate and are not eligible to win. The term “immediate families” includes spouses,
grandparents, parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren.
9. Persons who have won another contest or promotion of any kind from WDJC-FM within 30 calendar days before the
contest are ineligible to win.
10. Difficulties with getting to locations to enter the contest are not the responsibility of WDJC-FM or the Brookwood Village.
11. As winner of the grand prize, you will be required to sign a release form before your prize will be awarded. You will be
responsible for all applicable title fees, registration fees, and taxes including state, local and federal and therefore
must present a valid Social Security Card before claiming your prize.
12, As a grand prize winner, you acknowledge that Farmers Insurance – Clint Neville Agency, Brookwood Village and WDJC-FM have the
right to, without further authorization, publicize your name, character likenss, photograph, voice, and the fact that you
are a grand prize winner for promotional purposes without financial remuneration.
13. There is no purchase necessary to enter or win the contest.  Void where prohibited.
14. There will be no substitution for prizes. Participation in the contest and prizes awarded are non-transferable. Failure to
collect the prize constitutes forfeiture of the prize. If forfeited, the prize will remain the property of WDJC-FM and Brookwood Village.
Another winner will not be selected.
15. WDJC-FM reserves the right to make rule and contest changes without notice at any time and reserve the right to change
the aforementioned contest date without notice.
16. The decision of WDJC-FM and Brookwood Village management in the interpretation of these rules is final.  By participating,
persons agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and the official rules.
17. If the winner is found in violation of these rules he/she may be required to forfeit his/her prize.
18. WDJC-FM, Brookwood Village, their representatives, agencies, and employees, are not responsible for any liabilities arising
directly or indirectly from the award or use of this prize.
19. WDJC-FM, Brookwood Village, their representatives, agencies, and employees, are not responsible for any changes or
difficulties in travel or prize delivery.
20. The prize does not cover any other expenses, including but not limited to tax.  WDJC-FM and Brookwood Village are not
responsible and will provide no warranties regarding the use of the grand prize. Other restrictions may apply.

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