Backyard Adventures

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Our goal is to transport families back to a simpler time, when play still involved fresh air, friendship, exercise and imagination. Our play sets enable hundreds of different configuration possibilities, carry a wide range of accessories, and include truly unique safety features not found on any other play set.

We provide you with premium play sets that will create a lifetime of memories for you and your children. We design and construct modular, 100% Cedar play sets that can be customized in limitless combinations, creating the perfect play set for every backyard.

“As you can see in the photo, a very large tree fell into our backyard and was stopped by our Backyard Adventures' Olympian Treehouse. When we saw it, we immediately said, 'Wow, that was definitely worth the cost, it's holding up the tree!' If that treehouse wasn't there, the tree would have hit our home and done a lot more damage. There's the proof that these things are VERY sturdy...they can stop a tree. It was worth every penny and then some.”
Backyard Adventures Customer