A Spa Experience

When you want to unwind, undo, or even redo your do, there is nothing better than a spa experience. A one stop, self-care shop!


Salon Hair Care

The experts at A Spa Experience offer superior guest services. They have created an atmosphere that is cozy, inviting and welcoming to their community.


Spa Nail Care

Nail care is self care.

 Take care of your skin and nails by scheduling an appointment with the technicians at A Spa Experience.

Come Style With Us! Rent Your Personal Booth Space FOR YOUR BUSINESS..

Are you in the self-care, beauty, or wellness industry? A spa experience in Pelham is looking to fill their brand new booths with business owners like you. A Spa Experience is a one stop, self-care shop. Alene, the resident hairstylist, and Brittany of Soigne’ Nails are ready to welcome you to the team. A beautiful setting, affordable rent, and a huge opportunity to grow each others clientele TOGETHER. We are talking to you! Estheticians, make-up artists, eyelash specialists, hair braiders, even boutique owners! If you specialize in self-care like Alene and Brittany, it’s time to have your own space to flourish. A place to call your own, a place where your clients will feel relaxed and pampered. Set an appointment to chat with Alene today! Call 205-413-1680 or complete the form below.

Meet the Team

  • You Deserve A Spa Experience...

    A Spa Experience welcomes WDJC listeners to their one stop, self-care shop! Hair, nails, brows, and more with stylists who are expert artists! Whether you just need some me time, or you're getting ready for a night out, A Spa Experience has everything you need to look and feel your best! It's a hassle to go to 4 different places just to get the pampering you deserve! That's why A Spa Experience has found the best of the best and created a space where they can offer their services together! Relax, unwind, and treat yourself! Nails, waxing, styling, keratin treatments and more! Fill out the form here to set your appointment! Walk-ins are welcome. If you're in need of some self-care, a little me time, a weekend pick-me up, head to A Spa Experience in Pelham. A one stop, self-care shop!

3115 Pelham Parkway

Pelham, Al 35214

Pelham Village, across from Summer Classics factory, down on the opposite side of the street from Old Time Pottery


Get $5 OFF a nail service and a free cut when you book a color or keratin treatment and mention WDJC!

Owner Alene Bajalia in studio with Roxanne and Ace

What is self care?

Simply put, it's doing the things we need to do to maintain our happiness, our health and the ongoing development of our faith and spirituality.

treat YoURSelf!

“You’ve taken care of everyone except for one person… you! You’ve neglected to take care of you!” -Roxanne

The question isn't, can you make it to your nail appointment, get through traffic to your hair appointment, and see if they can fit you in later at the waxing salon. The question is, can you make it to a spa experience?