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Happy New Year!

Happy New DECADE!

I love any excuse to set new goals, fill out blank planners, and start life with a fresh, clean slate. New Year’s is a pretty wonderful holiday for a Type A planner like me. So when the new year doesn’t just mark a new year, but a new decade? Watch out. I’m in planning and goal-setting overdrive!

I’ve been told that SOME people don’t do New Year’s Resolutions. SOME people don’t get as jazzed as I do over selecting the perfect new paper planner or agenda for the year. SOME people don’t see the joy in cleaning out their closets, pantries, cabinets and refrigerators at the end of the year in preparation for January 1st.

Well, don’t worry, if you’re one of those SOME people; this post is not about setting goals and dreaming big and writing things down and creating accountability to follow through. You are safe to proceed.

But this IS about what I hope you find in 2020…and in the decade to come.

Earlier this week I was reading an article about the Sabbath, and I learned that in Genesis, when we read about God resting from His work on the seventh day of creation, the Hebrew word that we translate to mean rest is menuha. And menuha also has connotations of joyfulness, of delight.

This means not only did God rest from His work on the Sabbath, He delighted in what He had accomplished.

My prayer for you for 2020 is that you find something you can delight in. Often we find ourselves taking on challenges at the start of a new year (drink more water, eat less junk food, go to the gym, increase our household income, decrease monthly spending), and while these challenges that we take on can be good for us, they aren’t always restful goals, and we certainly don’t always approach them with the attitude of finding delight in them.

In 2020, I pray you find menuha. I pray that you are able to find rest and delight in something the Lord has blessed you with, whether that’s your family, your career, opportunities to serve your community, or a new (or old) hobby that allows you to use your God-given gifts and abilities.

We could all use a little more menuha in our lives. What are you most looking forward to in 2020? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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