Googly-Eyed Love

Written by on February 1, 2019

My daughter has a rat tail.

When she was born, she had a head full of hair that promptly fell out after her second or third bath, and I had a little Charlie Brown baby except for one little patch of hair just above the nape of her neck. I kept waiting for it to fall out, too, but it never did. Now, she’s 18 months old, and she has a head full of hair—none of it is long enough to put it into a pony tail, and hair bows are still just nice decorations that don’t actually do anything to keep wispy pieces out of her eyes, but hey, hair is hair!

But, even though the hair on the rest of her head has done a LOT of growing lately, it still hasn’t caught up to that one little patch that held steady from birth. It’s scraggly and a good half inch longer than the rest of her hair. So, she has a rat tail. My husband comments that we should trim it. And he’s probably right.

But I can’t do it. I’m not ready for the first haircut, and besides, it’s the most adorable half-inch scraggly-haired rat tail in the whole wide world, thankyouverymuch.

I’m her mom, okay? I get to think my kid is the exception to all the rules of cuteness. She can come home with her head shaved into a lime green Mohawk (although, please Jesus, don’t ever let her do it) and I’m still going to think she’s the most perfectly beautiful angel baby to ever walk this earth.

As I played with my daughter’s adorable, scraggly hair while rocking her to sleep the other night, I couldn’t help but think about how this irrational, goofy, googly-eyed love that I have for my daughter is nothing compared to the irrational, goofy, googly-eyed love that the Father has for us.

But take it one step further. I see my daughter as perfect and beautiful because I choose to see her that way, but God sees us that way because we ARE perfect and beautiful thanks to the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross. We see our children through a filter of bias, but the Father sees us through the filter of His son’s blood.

As she gets older, I hope my daughter knows how wonderful and perfect I think she is and that there is nothing she can do to make me love her any less. But more importantly, I hope she knows that the God of the Universe, who moved heaven and earth to redeem her, feels the same way. I hope you know He feels this way about you, too.

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