Trusting God In A Season Of Correction

Written by on September 4, 2018

God is doing a work in His church. And for most of us it can be difficult. Perhaps God is dealing with you about a particular thing. You know what He is saying is true, but you are having a hard time accepting and walking in it.

Well, growing up in our Christian walk can be painful. There is no getting away from that. Pain happens to everyone and no one escapes difficulties. However, the way a person approaches those challenges is very telling of their attitude and opinion of God’s sovereignty. If you have the ability to accept pain, but not allow it to control your life or lead you into a state of wallowing in suffering and self-pity, that shows your trust in God’s plan for your life.

The enemy will tell you that you are a failure, incapable of change, and will never reach the potential that God has planned for your life. But the One we serve is not an angry God who is waiting for you to fail. According to Jeremiah 29:11, He wants us to succeed and be all we can be in our Christian life.

Ask Him today to show you how you can grow and mature in your faith. Letting go of control, and accepting pain as part of spiritual growth, is the beginning of an intimacy with God that will produce mature fruit in your life.

Remember that you are not alone as you walk the narrow path and accept correction from a God who loves you. And although He initially accepts us “as we are”, He doesn’t desire for us to stay that way. His plan is for us to advance in our faith walk and begin a journey of spiritual growth as we head toward the finish line.

So, take up your cross, follow Him, and know that His ways are higher that ours, and His plan for our lives is greater that we can even imagine. And although pain is inevitable if you are to grow, you can learn to rest in God throughout those times, and put your total trust in His ways.

Maybe today you are tired of being stirred, but not being changed. Hold your head up high, take victory over defeat, and declare God’s purpose and destiny over your life. Stand back and watch God do a work in you in preparation for His coming. And today be of good cheer; for as a child of God, you can do this and claim victory!


Cheryl Higgins Kent is a Bible teacher and the founder of Women of Worth and The Value of A Woman Ministries, She and her husband, Oscar, have been married fifty years and reside in Trussville, Alabama. They have three children and three grandchildren.

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