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How often do we find ourselves wasting time, killing time or distracting ourselves with something meaningless? At the airport, we spend hours on social media sifting through articles or comparing ourselves to others. We impatiently wait in the bank line while complaining about how long it’s taking to deposit one check. We watch the clock carefully throughout the day and count the hours until we can finally clock out and go home.

Or on the contrary, we can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to do what we need to do—wash the dishes, clean the house, drop this off here, pick that up there. We find ourselves catching our breath on the couch, but when bedtime comes it’s too hard to move from one soft surface to another, so we spend the night drooling on the couch cushions.

Time seems like our enemy—whether we have too much of it or too little. What we tend to forget is that time is a gift that God has given us. He continues to bless us with the gift of time every day.

In “One-Minute Inspirations for Women” by Elizabeth George, she talks about the gift of time like the sweetest honor. Her prayer at the end reads like this:

“Jesus, what a precious gift time is! Please keep me aware of my stewardship of this great award. Help me make good use of every hour, realizing that once spent, it can never be returned to me. Amen.”

If we wake up knowing that God GIFTED us with time, we can spend our days differently. God didn’t just give us time as a thing to be counted down. He didn’t give us this gift so we could fill it with worldly excursions and tasks.

God gave us the gift of time so we could give it back to Him.

How do we do this? We can honor Him with our time. While we wait at the airport, we can read Scripture, pray or show love to a stranger. While we wait in line at the bank, we can have a meaningful conversation with the person standing next to us. While we work, we can see our free time as an opportunity to invest in others, showing them the love of Jesus. If we’re running to and from places without a minute to spare in between, we can take a moment to stop and pray and realize life is more than checking off a to-do list.

Our time belongs to God—we are just temporarily borrowing it on Earth. At the end of our days when we acknowledge the things we’ve done, we should be able to look at the time spent and know that we spent it with God, growing His kingdom.

We don’t need to “kill” time. We need to consciously use every minute to better ourselves and better the world around us.

Don’t waste the gift that God has given you. Once time is spent it can never be returned. Don’t you want your recollection of that time to be meaningful? Be a good steward of your gift of time. Embrace time as the beautiful honor from God that it is and honor God in it.

God MADE time and He is worthy of yours.


Kendyl Jones
Creative Writer/Produceer/Digital Assets Manager
Crawford Broadcasting

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