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This station offers an excellent advertising opportunity! Advertising is a huge asset to any business, and WDJC cares about helping our advertisers meet their bottom line. Not only do we provide quality advertising, but we also continuously promote our sponsors through our AdLine, website, and HD radio.

The following are some of the benefits to advertising with us:

>>WDJC reaches many thriving communities such as Cullman, Clanton, and Pell City, and our coverage area reaches over 100 miles!!!

>>WDJC is a true adult, contemporary, Christian station that plays music 24 hours per day.

>>WDJC also has a very LOYAL, targeted audience that supports our advertisers!

>>Promos run hourly promoting our AdLine. Promos include a-call-to-action that encourages our listeners to get “direct connected” with our AdLine through the phone or through our website. The AdLine provides an excellent way for our listeners to connect with our sponsors.

WDJC also radiates with HD radio; the newest and clearest path to Contemporary Christian Music out there. As a result, our advertisers have the advantage of being heard through the clear, crisp, CD quality sound of HD radio.

Advertising is how we stay on the air! Any of the goods and services purchased from our advertisers through our listeners, helps strengthen and grow the relationship between WDJC and our community! As a result, we encourage our listeners to support our sponsors continuing great Christian music and programming for years to come!

Let us tell you more about WDJC! Call the WDJC offices at 205-879-3324, or leave your information below and one of our Account Executives will contact you!

Advertise With Us


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